Read/Write Web implementation

How do I see Read/Write Web affecting my classroom instruction?

I believe gaining  a better insight in using social networking with at-risk readers and students with IEPs especially with the use of video conferencing and using Edmodo will be helpful to empower my students.

I hope I can gain enough knowledgeable to experiment with these ideas in my lessons. As for my students, my goal is that they can still find these learning experiences rewarding and meaningful while still embarking on this “fun” learning frontier.

I envision my ideal teaching practice using these technologies so far including: use of Prezi and/or Powerpoint in individual and large group instruction, use of the Kindle app to expand on students’ understanding and enjoyment of reading, use of gaming to spark interest and excitement when reading, use of novels with videos to enhance reading experience, teaching the students to create from these apps/software in meaningful ways, giving students the freedom to respond to their peers’ work, and showing students how to have meaningful online discussion (wikis, blogs) with their peers and myself in a responsible and mature manner.

I want to expand my horizons with social networking in the classroom. I struggle with the digital divide in my classes, so one solution I have considered is a situation where my students sit next to each other often replying to that peer’s work or another class period’s comments/discussion. I struggle wondering if that is time well spend. I like to believe I will experiment and am willing to try new things in my classroom if I know enough to be dangerous. So, taking this class will hopefully help me to more willingly experiment with these online learning environments.


4 thoughts on “Read/Write Web implementation

  1. OOps! I wasn’t finished and hit post- as I was saying… Very impressive! I love your header- it is so crisp and colorful! Then it changed to a lovely pinecone- how did you do that?? It must be magic.

    You mentioned a Prezi- I have no idea what that is, other than my student teacher planned to use one and it was a flop. So I am interested to hear more about the prezi and how you change your header. You did an outstanding job for your first blog!! Kellie

  2. You have great ideas for overcoming the digital divide. The only way you’ll know if time is well spent is to try a method. If that’s not efficient, then try another method! The important thing is to give students the opportunity, somehow, to network socially online because it is, and will continue to be, a major part of their lives.

    Great post, Jen!

    Louise R

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