Impressive Blog Project

Ok, I hesitated at first choosing this blog because I was so overwhelmed as well as impressed with the project.

I am up for a challenge so here it goes!

In this blog project students blog with other students around the world. They are only in 5th grade!

What I love is that one of their goals is to produce a weekly podcast teaching other students about reading strategies in hopes to create discussion about reading strategies and have conversation about how they are learning their content.

What a brilliant idea!

Ok, this is a reading specialist talking here, but really what better way to let other students learn then from other students with teachers as the faciliators.

I could definitely seeing this project enhancing my classroom activities. I am currently working on creating an online course where middle school students create vodcasts for elementary students in the district about reading strategies with reading fiction and nonfiction. This project will be a great addition! I love the idea of communicating with students in different countries as well. We are all a community of learners!


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