How do I see using RSS feeds in my life and classroom?

I must admit these RSS seem very overwhelming to me. I guess it may because I have several interests that I would subscribe to, I love to learn new ideas, and I have never been very good keeping track of current events. I like the opportunity to have one location to view all these materials and viewing it everyday could be a possibility, but the time factor as a teacher is limited for and is changing how we can become informed educators in the Information Age. I also become frustrated trying to keep with the latest and greatest ideas when my districts is so limiting by what we have access to. Sadly, we are not producing responsible cyber citizens at the middle school level.

RSS seem like incredible opportunities to use the classroom. Students could search for topics and become critical, analytical readers who must discern creditable information. Student could increase their knowledge of the world and global events by subscribing to several RSS. Instead of reading the paper with a cup of coffee in the morning, they could grab a latte and use theie Google Reader account to prorogue different events and commentary from various news sites and blogs.

Currently, I am a stand still using this type of technology in my district because the teacher and students alike are not permitted into any commentary websites, including blogs, and are not permitted to use their email at the middle school level at this time. I just found out how to get access to blogging on my school website so I guess that is a start, but my district seems very cautious about how to proceed with technology.



2 thoughts on “How do I see using RSS feeds in my life and classroom?

  1. How frustrating that must be! It’s all relative. You’re probably further along than many others, just by being in this course! I sometimes feel like I’m falling behind too. I’m out front in some areas but could pay more attention to other technologies too.

    Dream big. Wish for the tools. Keep plodding along. Meanwhile, get that aggregator going, have a latte, and browse your feeds at your leisure! And if you can’t get your students an account, at least show them or use your account to collect information for a unit?


  2. Excellent advice, Louise!

    Jen, I found the process frustrating as well when I first started using RSS feeds (and other Web 2.0 tools, too!). At first, it felt like it was very complicated. Once I found a practical use for RSS feeds, the value of the tool became more evident, and now I have many feeds that are actually making me much more efficient!

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