Social Bookmarking Lesson Plan First experience


Adapred from Sue R., aka “Bookwyrmish” from

Level: Middle School

Students will select and use bookmarking tools and credible technology resources responsibly to research a topic

Essential Question: How I use bookmarking as a way to research and find credible information on a topic?

Materials: Internet access, a browser with “” plugin installed, a group account and group password, a research question.

Build prior knowledge: Ask students if they have their own computers at home, if they are allowed to save things on computers they use so they can work on them later. Ask if they or their parents ever have to move their things to another computer, ask if they have ever bookmarked or “saved to favorites.” Have students share what they know.
• Ask students if they have favorite places they go on the internet. Invite them to recommend to the group, and make recommendations too. After having the discussion about good sites to go to, make the point that you’re glad to have learned about new places to try out–aren’t they? Use the terms “social” and “share.”
• Ask students how it would be if they could get even MORE people their age to recommend cool sites–AND if they could put their own “bookmarks” or “favorites” on their computers, and have others bookmark places for them. On any computers they use. And keep them up to date… (for student groups where some of them know about social bookmarking already, ask those students to share if this is how they would describe social bookmarking).

• Begin with a reminder about safety issues and putting your best persona on the web.
• Demonstrate with a projector if possible how to bookmark a few sites. Tagging some funny “hoax” sites may increase the students likelihood of returning to this site. Show students that they can display tags as clouds or as lists on the sidebar listing. Click on a “tag” to show how the listing changes to display all bookmarks with that tag only. Have students note which is the most popular bookmark, etc.
•Students will be assigned a bookmarking “I wonder” research project. They will bookmark 3 useful sites in
• Wrap-up: have students navigate to their account page and review the list of bookmarks, pointing out yet again that they can view this list on any computer with internet access. Have students click through to one or two links, and back to this page.

Students will use these bookmarks to create their “I wonder” project and presentation.

Rubrics will be use for grading online work, research development, final project, and presentation.

Handout: A page with the web address of the group delicious account, and brief instructions, for those who want to use it at home.


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