The World Wide World of Wikis

I realized using wikis as group study guides or discussion groups could really enhance student knowledge, learning, and overall discussion about a class topic. I think students will be forced to be better writers because the audience is no longer just the teacher. I also think that students communicate difference on the computer than they do verbally within a classroom. Students that may be apprehensive to issues or concerns in class could easily ask, discuss, or simple comment on a wiki. I also think students will appreciate and be more compassionate of each others’ strengths and weaknesses. Students will have ownership over their learning and be more willing to share what they know about a topic with others when they collaborate on a wiki. I also think students will strife to find credible information so they “show-up” or debate with their peers if necessary. They will also be held accountable not only by the teacher but their group or class will need them to be responsible knowledge learners so everyone can grow from the experience. I am excited to see how my students view wikis as a classroom tool.


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