Hold On! Ready or Not!

Expedition Everest

ES.(2006, May 19) By txbowen. Retrieved April 4, 2012 from http://www.flickr.com/photos/txbowen/149114661/?reg=1&src=sharev3

Looking for ideas of Flickr use in the classroom:
Opportunities seem endless! Anything is possible!

How does the old saying go… A pictures tells a thousand words! Well, what would you do with a thousand pictures?

1. Virtual Field Trips
2. Add visual to poem or personal writing
3. Create slide shows
4. Image analysis
5. Animate a story
6. Help novel come alive
7. Create posters
8. Magazine covers
9. Enhance lesson with visual cues
10. Creative Storytelling
11. Visual arguments
12. Add visual to reports
13. Add visual to speeches
14. Create Compare and Contrast experiences
15. Cause and Effect relationships
16. Access prior knowledge of topic or subject
17. Use to teach Descriptive Text Structure
18. Bulletin boards/ Classroom Displays
19. Capture pictures to share with class
20. Show parents what’s going on in the classroom
21. Enhance literacy elements and devices in literature
22. Have students share images with peers
23. Teaching Propaganda
24. Have students collaborate on a visual project to present in class
25. Use character features listed and search for image that matches


One thought on “Hold On! Ready or Not!

  1. Wow, this is an awesome list, Jen! The Big 25 – I’m ready!

    You’ve covered all the bases, listing so many wonderful uses for images in a classroom. I’ve done many of them with my students, but I didn’t think to list them….hmm, heading over to edit my post right now…tee hee.

    Thanks for the comprehensive list. You rock!


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