Grandma would be be proud – Radio has returned …. the world of Podcasts!!!

I found Alfred Hitchcock’s Mystery Magazine podcasts where students could listen to the short stories as we analyze the story elements and the literary devices used. We can simply stop and play the stories again or fast forward to the location we want to listen to again.

This type of podcast sounds like a chance for my student to experience radio type broadcasting with sound effects and vocal changes. My students struggling hearing the tone and mood of novels, so this would give them an opportunity to truly experience the story with the freedom to reflect and discuss rather than be held back from discussion because they are struggling with the reading material or vocabulary words.

Alfred Hitchcock Podcasts


One thought on “Grandma would be be proud – Radio has returned …. the world of Podcasts!!!

  1. I think part of the answer lies in setting limitations. I’ve seen children allowed to play video games for hours on end and others forced outside for an entire day, there has to be a happy medium. Parents need to set reasonable boundaries and encourage children to develop many hobbies some including the use of technology and some including the great outdoors or other pursuits of happiness.

    Parents need to be good role models. Instead of telling children to go outside and play, parents need to go outside and teach them how to draw a hopscotch grid or shoot a game of “school” with the basketball. The more options kids have, the more likely they are to keep themselves occupied.

    Parents need to sit down and see what their kids are doing on the computer, they need to limit the amount of time children are allowed to play video games or watch tv from the get-go, then there can be a balance. Too late, I see parents try to enforce rules after problems arise, the solution is to be pro-active, we need to think things through for our children- that is part of our job as parents and educators.

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