Skype Ideas – Welcome to the Jetsons!!!

I remember an episode of the Jetsons where the “phone TV” is ringing early in the morning and Judy Jetson does not have time to get coffee let alone put on her makeup and do her haor so she gets her “already done perfect self” mask to wear while talking with another woman, who we find out at the end of the conversation is also wearing her “perfect self” mask to call Judy in the first place!

AH! HA! I found it! ENJOY!

Who knew it was going to be called Skype?

After using Skype, I think people have personal connection online that they never felt before. A real HUMAN connection … not just some paragraph to read or response to reflect on. This connect allows people from all over the world to connect, learn, discuss, or simply chat like never before.

The possibilities of using Skype in the future to either connect with other teachers or to help my students connect seem endless! This software eliminates the global disconnect!  Sharing ideas, learning from others, and listening to LIVE first hand experiences would be incredible for my students.  And it translates too!!!!

Keeping basic contact with others is only the tip of the iceberg! My students could discuss novels with authors, movies ideas with producers, and interact with a real survivor of the Holocaust! These students could talk and interact with other classes all over the world. This will change the business world communication thus it must change how we teach in classroom to meet the needs of future generations.

In my classroom, my students can gain better insight into other cultures, other experiences and experts all over the world! As an educator, these resources allow for live face-to-face discussion and life-changing interactions with people all over the world. Here are some other ideas:

50 ways to use Skype

Using Skype in Classroom

Blog on Skype


2 thoughts on “Skype Ideas – Welcome to the Jetsons!!!

  1. It sounds absolutely unbelievable, I am so excited to go back to school in the fall with all of these great, new ideas. I didn’t know Skype actually translated also, how handy is that? ESL teachers will can have a field day with that.

    I love the Jetsons clip! Whoever wrote that show years ago really missed the boat on exploring and marketing their ideas further. Nice addition to your post- I still love Judy! kellie

  2. I totally agree with you. The students definitely make a connection with the class, person/people on the other end of a Skype call that you can not replace. Using this type of technology in the classroom is amazing. We have used in to talk to other schools in other states and even other countries. We have also used it to communicate with our teachers when they are not in the building and with professionals, college professionals and experts from around the country. It is amazing and the kids love to do “activities” like this.

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