Meeting the needs of all students

Web Applications have numerous opportunities to enhance our students’ learning in the classroom. One of the great advantages is that FINALLY our students can learn with their preferred learning style with ease and confidence every time.
One application I found iSpeech converts blog posts to audio files in MP3 format. The audio files can easily be downloaded, embedded, and shared.

I like this app because it allows you the learner to adapt to your auditory learning style. You are welcome to read and listen which allows students who need to have visual cues and audio cues to be successful in learning new information. I also think this allows students to hear what they write if they have difficulty proofreading their own papers. Many students can write, but proofreading and editing is a difficult task. This audio enhancement allows the learner to be both empowered and independent as a lifelong learner.


3 thoughts on “Meeting the needs of all students

  1. In pedagogy we always discuss learning styles but rarely do we address them. Until our new technology. I am excited to see where we are heading in education with everyone getting onboard with the technologies of the present and future.

  2. I think that iSpeech will be a wonderful app for the classroom. I have taught many visually-impaired students in the past, this sounds like the perfect tool to help with that sort of thing. Students who need additional reading practice can use this app just like someone reading to them, that is super! I am going to add it to my toolbox, thanks for sharing! Kellie

  3. Great tool, Jen! Students could download the content to study at their convenience. They could also place the content on their site or blog if they wished.

    This could also be very useful for students who are absent for an extended period of time too – just email the audio files. Or better yet, gather them on your teacher site for the kids to access easily whether from school, home, or in Aruba!

    Great tool for auditory learners! Reinforces their reading and listening skills too.

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